High Point Showroom ~ October 2011

We are very excited to present our “High Point Market Video: a collection of stills” by professional photographer Bruce Barone. The video showcases our collections: a vast selection of antique textiles, vintage linens, pillows, beds and our European Sleep System. Also, we want to thank everyone for your support and for joining us for “Pandora Pillow Pics.” We had a fabulous time and loved introducing everyone to our luxury line of bedding. Remember, during this busy entertaining season, don’t forget to create your own luxurious haven for restorative sleep & relaxation. Visit the Pandora de Balthazar website to learn more about our European Sleep systems.

~ Sleep Beautifully

Bruce Barone Photography

We want to give a very special, sweet, thank you to Bruce, for not only his amazing photography, but for being at our showroom everyday and creating a warm, inviting & festive atmosphere for our customers & guests! We highly recommend Bruce for your product photography & event photography needs. For photography inquires and to view his amazing portfolio, make sure to visit Bruce Barone Photography. ~Enjoy